Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meme: Big Eight for Gardeners

Dollfinn has tagged me for a meme, but I felt it wasn't quite the thing for a gardening blog. So here is a smaller gardening version!

Favourite Eight Plants in my Garden

Acacia fimbriata
, the Fringe Wattle. Just the right size for a garden wattle. Small leaves of a green green, and a graceful drooping habit that has it dancing in the wind. The early spring flowers have a light, sweet scent and are a pale yellow.

Grevillea 'Moonlight'
. I love the dark green leaves and the creamy white flowers. 2m by 2m. I'm using it as a loose hedge to shade the front garden against late afternoon summer sun.

Rosa 'Grandmere Jenny', given to me by my friend Anne. A lovely fragrance, and a stronger pink-and-apricot combination than the Peace rose.

Dietes grandiflora
. So reliable in Sydney. Pretty violet 'cups' on white 'saucers'.

Shasta daisies
-- they've just opened today!

Eucalyptus 'Summer Beauty'
. Delightful shell-pink gum-blossoms, 5cm across, in summer.

Eucalyptus haemastoma
, the Scribbly Gum. Large blue-green leaves and creamy trunk; thriving in its preferred conditions. It will be the first proper tree in the back yard.

'Broad Ripple Yellow Currant' tomatoes. I had to put in a useful plant somewhere! The fruits are under a centimetre in diameter but look and taste fantastic.

Big Eight Elements I Want in My Garden

A pond
More permaculture influence
A cubby house
Water tanks
A secret garden
Loads more grasses
Fairy wrens

Just give me another ten years or so...

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