Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gifts for Gardeners

My friend 'Corymbia' recently pointed out the Maxwell & Williams Botanic Floral range. I drool, and drool again! But I'm not buying anything because I don't actually need it. On the other hand, I might mention those mugs incessantly to my relatives until my birthday. It's important to highlight our beautiful flora, especially if it means replacing our mugs, which date from The Geek's flatting days and showcase corporate slogans and unkind remarks. (Why do we have a mug labelled 'Super Secretary', anyway?)

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous aren't they?
Given DH's poor record on buying gifts, I think I'm going to "help" the kids pick out my mother's day present(s) this year. I'm hoping the local DJs or Myers have the full range of cups in stock. But which one to choose ...hmmm... well maybe since I have 2 kids, I could have *2* cups since part of the proceeds go towards the preservation of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne ....