Friday, November 7, 2008

A Gardener Goes Away (4)

A few more photos of the Corynnia Station garden, showing Julie Armstrong's preferred palette:

The art of the stroll garden--giving a sense of different areas to explore:

In contrast, Bruce's Nissen hut-cum-workshop has the rugged charm of a piece of masculine history.

I'd recommend Corynnia Station to anyone, especially if you like gardening and being able to see the stars at night. The price alone is competitive with a motel, but it's far more enjoyable. I wished we could stay longer, but all too soon we had to farewell Wal the dog and all his family. Btu Wal was too busy to say goodbye...


tina said...

Wal was a tired doggie:)

Chookie said...

Yes, he had already had a busy morning before we left!

Anonymous said...

wow. I need someone to come and do that to my garden...

You wanna? I will make you a cake... :)

Julie Armstrong said...

Hi there
I just 'googled' our farmstay & found your posting about Corynnia Station which we enjoyed - thank you! Do check out our new website Lots has changed with the passing of the drought - none too soon! We have also done some great renovations to the homestead & Cook House as well as some general improvements to the farmstay too whilst keeping the authenticity.
Do come & visit again!
Bruce & Julie Armstrong