Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking Back over 2008

Kris at Blithewold asks
Are you going through your pictures and reflecting on the past year in your garden too? What have you learned? What did you love?

and Gardening Gone Wild is asking people to list their favourite blog entry for the year.

I'm really happy with my post On Contrast, because of the new perspective it gave me on the subject and because the post shows me as still puzzled, still learning, still getting new ideas. There's also a reference to another garden blog, showing the connectedness that is part of why we blog.

What have I learned this year? That even with a long cool spring, it's hard to grow Brussels sprouts here. I have the results, but they are tiny and loose-headed, and, I fear, bitter. I doubt I'll bother with them again.

That I really shouldn't have planted that Parramatta wattle so close to my power lines. Next time I put a native plant in a tricky position, I'll double-check the height from a couple of sources.

The arrival of my Mother's Day present did change my blog, though I'm still a rank beginner in photography. At least I learnt how to work it! Our family trip to Mildura gave me plenty of practice with it; the posts start here.

My favourite gardening-related book this year was Creative Vegetable Gardening, but my favourite writer was Laura Ingalls Wilder, for the breadth of knowledge and interest she presented in her women's column in the Missouri Ruralist so many years ago.

All the best to the garden blogosphere for another year of learning and teaching each other more about our Back Yards!

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Anonymous said...

I think one of the best things about gardening is that there's always more to learn and things to do differently next time around. Thank you so much for sharing your 'reflections'!