Monday, June 15, 2009

Bird-Watching at Homebush Bay

I love the big skies here -- one of the advantages of living on the edge of the Cumberland Plain. Would you guess you're in the geographic centre of a city of four million people?

Serious, stay-in-a-hide-for-days bird-watching is not on the agenda for us, with two young boys. But nonetheless, we can wander to a bike track a few kilometres away and pop into the bird-hide at the Sydney Olympic Park Bird Refuge. The Geek took both these photos from the hide.

Black-Winged Stilts and Pacific Black Ducks (I think -- a common species, anyway) feeding on the mudflats. In the summer, this area is host to migratory species from Siberia and Central Asia. More details here.


Kin said...

Wow that is pretty. Something I've been taking for granted for too long. Even now in the midst of suburbia the end of our street is national park and even the university and schools home to family's of wildlife (most notably Kangaroos).

I'll never get tired of it though.

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. And to think Homebush used to be such an ugly, industrial area.