Friday, November 6, 2009

There's Loving Plants, and There's Loving Plants...

We all know that it's OK to talk to your plants. Prince Charles does it, and he's all right (apart from his taste in women). It's OK to fuss over plants, think about them, and generally behave like they are your children. But how many people sing a song to their favourite plant?

Only in opera...

Only Handel's opera-comedy-of-manners Serse.

Translation below. Enjoy Andreas Scholl's wonderful voice, especially that first note.

Tender and beautiful fronds
of my beloved plane tree,
Let Fate smile upon you.
May thunder, lightning, and storms
never bother your dear peace,
Nor may you be profaned by blowing winds.

Never was made
the shade of a plant,
dear and loving,
or more gentle.


Lona said...

If I would sing to mine I would be able to see them wilt before my very eyes. Playing music for them might work though ;-)

Amanda said...

Well ... I sing in the garden, so maybe my subconscious is singing to the plants ;)