Saturday, December 19, 2009


I see it has been a month since I last posted. Not quite what I had planned!

Here is what's happened in that time:

  • I cured Lizzie of broodiness.
  • The iron deficiency on the tomato plant was resolved with some seaweed tea, as mentioned earlier.
  • Some of my tomatoes were holed by tomato worm.
  • My children suffered from a nasty vomiting bug.
  • My husband caught an evil summer cold and passed it on to me.
  • Australian politics has been quite entertaining.
  • We uncovered the evil lurking on the Internet. The boys keep singing Queen songs, despite the fact that neither of their parents particularly like Queen. It's all happened because the Twig likes watching domino videos, though why these always involve Queen tunes is unfathomable. I shall be writing to Stephen Conroy about this!
  • I had mysteriously bad germination of sweet corn and of beans.
  • The lemon cucumber and bean plants (the ones that came up) are in full production.
  • The chillies on the chilli plant look like small, half-deflated green balloons, and are quite hot.
  • There are borers in some of my older wattle trees. I will wait until autumn to cut them down.
  • I'm really hoping those yellow leaves on the 'Brandywine' tomatoes are caused by sunburn from our 40 degree day earlier this week.
  • I turned 40.
  • We've been preparing for Christmas!


Lightening said...

You have been busy. Congratulations on the big four zero. :)

Anonymous said...

A lot can happen in a month :)

Congrats on the big 40 :)

Jamie said...

Well done on the 40th Chookie – and good luck with the tomatoes, too.

CoastalRev said...

Happy birthday, albeit my comment being somewhat belated.

Chookie said...

Thanks folks!