Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thinking of Kitchens, Part 1: Style

Well, it's kitchen time. Despite the fact that I hated my old kitchen's inconveniences for years (and the inconveniences of the previous two kitchens!), I've not had a really good picture in my mind of what I do want.

Klopf Architecture - Remodeled Kitchen eclectic kitchen
Klopf Architecture (I could live with this one!)

Following the advice of Modern Country Style, I pulled out my clippings file and narrowed it down. One advantage of having spent years thinking about redoing the kitchen is that I have a lot of clippings! Then I went through my Houzz kitchen file as well.

But it's turned out that I don't have a huge range of ideas when it comes to finishes, colours and the like. Having looked through my collection of kitchen images, there are two combinations I like. The first is white cabinetry with timber countertops. They make me swoon.

Farmhouse Kitchen Style In Your Home | Apartment Therapy San Francisco

But timber countertops are pretty high-maintenance. If not sealed properly, they can rot around the sink. Guess how you find out it's not sealed properly? When it starts rotting around the sink. And white cabinets? For a garden-to-pot cook with two boys?

That left my other option: timber doors with something more durable on top.

But this is my favourite colour combination so far: timber doors with a white countertop and green tiles. Pity that architecture firm is so far away.

So when it comes to thinking about elements of my kitchen, my list is:
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Very simple door profiles
  • Timber and other natural or natural-looking materials
  • Solid colour, no patterns
  • A leaning to green and blue colours
  • Elbow room for cooking
  • No glitz, no tizz!


Lynda said...

Chookie, I have timber look laminate doors and black marble laminate on the benchtop. I will change it later if and when the kids get to the point where they won't destroy it (or if I do). After 5 years it still looks good. I don't break as many glasses as my friends with stone tops. It is easy to clean, and hardwearing. I love timber, but I know for me it was not practical in the kitchen.

My favourite cupboard is the narrow one beside my stove. It holds chopping boards and baking trays on their sides, all stacked neatly beside each other and easy to grab.

Garry Allen said...

You could always check out
He races and sponsors a bike team. What more could you ask for?

Anonymous said...


I came across your blog through a search on how to prune a quince tree.
We live on the rural outskirts of Christchurch New Zealand.

You may wish to contact a good friend of mine who makes kitchens ( and other beautiful things in Sydney

Love your list of to do's We Did a big extension several years ago and I also blogged it ..battery running out.. will send link later! Now starting again due to quake...

Ms Fifikins said...

We did a kitchen reno in Adelaide and I still miss that kitchen! I had thin granite bench tops and laminate cupboards and doors that were timber like. These were really practical with the kids and were totally flat so there were no grooves to catch dust and grime etc.

My only other advice is when choosing a range-hood listen to them in the shop! I almost chose one that I loved the look of, but the salesperson suggested I turn it on- it sounded like a plane in the room and I would not have been able to hear anything else happening in the kitchen.

Friends have just been building a fully sustainable house from recycled materials. The thing I love the most is they have used LED strip lights throughout. In the kitchen they provide amazing light.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

See link to earlier blog also.


quu said...

It's so easy to decorate small spaces and add some curtains and pillows, but to decorate and think really what would be perfect kitchen and how would it look like and to add more difficulties - kitchen must be practical as possible, that is really hard job.

I do not envy you at all. ;)

Cazzie!!! said...

Kitchens are the heart of any house and it is so important to think about what it is you want and need in it. I love open space kitchens with heaps of prep area.. floating boards awesome :)

Kitchen Benchtops said...

Timber is strong and sturdy; it can be sanded and resurfaced and sealed with a polurethane, or oiled like a chopping board. Each cut will give it character and the timber will not blunt your knives.