Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Walls Go Up

Over the last two weeks, the brickies have been at work. It's exciting to finally see the real proportions and scale growing up from the flat concrete slabs, even though rain slowed everything down a bit. Our face bricks are the solid kind with frogs, and can absorb their own weight in water. Once wet, they cannot be laid as they will sink in the mortar bed, so they have to be left a day or two.

The garage walls were started first, and the internal wall to the laundry was done.

Then our new family room walls started going up.

We climbed in and out via our family room window a few times.

The garage was finished first. Our builders pointed out that the wouldn't normally use face brick on the far wall, as nobody will see it from the side, but with our doors, face brick was essential. I'd never have thought of it.

Then at last the beam over the back door went up.

They had to brick in above it and do my herb bed...

Then it was done! Here is the view from the kitchen.

And from the back yard:


Cazzie!!! said...

Nice work brikkies :)

Amanda said...

Awesome - isn't it great to see progress :)

Liz said...

Looks great! How is drainage managed in the herb bed?

parchet bucatarie said...

It will be a very nice house, do you know when you will finish it?