Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lots of Glass

The first glass installed (apart from replacement of cracked panes in the older part of the house) was the window in our family room. The saw is set up for cutting the window architrave, but look at all those glass doors!

Here's the architrave installed. Note the picturesque view of our future driveway and the fence.

Here's where some of the sliding doors went:

The idea is that we can use the garage as extra space for parties. Handy in wet weather or when the kids take to playing country music.

The other doors are aluminium bifold doors for the family room (as the Geek says, not quite as nice as the cedar ones, but considerably cheaper). There will be lots of sun coming in to our family room, especially in winter, to heat the concrete floor. The house won't be quite so dark or cold. This frame was installed on Friday, so I suppose the doors will go in on Monday.

In the meantime, Lizzie keeps an eye on the materials stored in the garage.

We have found evidence of her inspection visits in various parts of the house, but we won't elaborate...


Paul Anater said...

Things are taking shape nicely, when do you expect to have your project completed?

Chookie said...

Our original finish date was in August, but we've racked up about 2 months' worth of delays due to rain and supply problems. The builders did other work on some of those days (eg cutting the pergola timbers) so I guess we are looking at September. Fortunately, we have no other pressures on us to get it done by a certain date.

michela {mami g.} said...

Hello Chookie! thanks for your visit and your comment ... I see you are in the middle of construction work, we spent a year of restructuring and it seems to never end ... congratulations on your choices, I like your future home!