Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Annoying!

It appears that the camera batteries are dead, so I can't take photos of my garden for you today. I'll have to leave you with a verbal snapshot:

  • I poured boiling water on some bindies today. Yes, they do prefer compacted ground, so they've been easy to spot. Various other weeds are also colonising our patches of clay. Unfortunately, we've had some Cobbler's Pegs come in. Under the Hill's hoist. Of course.
  • Our cool damp spring has even encouraged some grasses to begin sprouting.
  • This year's vegetable patch will primarily be in my new herb bed. I have tomatoes, cucumber, and pumpkin in already with the herbs, and planted some beans today.
  • My tomato seedlings (three colours of Zebra tomatoes, and 'Reisentraube' and 'Broad Ripple Yellow Currant') are up, but not yet the chillies, eggplant or capsicum.
  • The choko has not been as aggressive as hoped -- yet. Nor have my 'Brandywine' tomatoes really taken off. I'm a bit worried as they won't set fruit once it gets very hot.
  • Lizzie has been laying reliably.
  • The guinea pigs have escaped and are living wild in the long grass at the end of the back yard. They appear quite happy until they see humans, whereupon they look noticeably guilty.
  • The 'Iceberg' rose is flowering its heart out.
  • We finally concreted in our new letterbox today. A pity the front yard is a disaster area!


Rock rose said...

Bindies, cobbler's pegs! You are certainly leaving something to my imagination with no photos!

Alys said...

Cobbler's pegs are excellent food for guinea pigs. Mine love the leaves and stems. If your pigs are too shy to come out of hiding, pull up the plants and toss them in the part of the garden the pigs are hiding in.

Note that cobbler's pegs seeds grow well in dirt that's been freshly disturbed, such as the dirt that you've just pulled the parent plant out of - sneaky little things they are! You might want to carefully pull off and discard any seeds before you uproot the plants.