Friday, December 23, 2011

Bog Garden Planted

Below are some typical bog plants for this part of the world.

Dianella longifolia, the Pale Flax-Lily, which has beautiful blue berries:

Isolepsis nodosa, the Knobby Club-Rush, for the margins:

Mazus pumilio, Swamp Mazus, is a ground-cover with pretty blue flowers a bit like snapdragons:
And then there's the Bracelet Honey-Myrtle, Melalauca armillaris. It's not from my area, really, but the endemic Melalaucas are unsuitable for this position. I need something small, which will take on a tree-shape rather than a shrub-shape, and not scratch people. I'm hoping the position is not too wet as M. armillaris tends to be found in heathlands in high rainfall areas, not bogs. I've built it up a bit but am hoping it will tend to soak up water like other Melaleucas do.
I put a Dianella at each corner and the Melaleuca is on the hillock in the foreground.

The rushes are planted notionally around the edges of my pond, but it had been raining so they are actually in the water at the moment.

I have recycled some concrete edging in the hope that the lower Dianellas won't be washed away.
Another view, with long shadows cast across the pond.

I love the shadows cast on the wall by my Shasta daisies too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chookie,
I really admire the way you have made the best of a tricky garden situation here and I'm looking forward to seeing how the "bog garden" progresses.

Fawkes76 said...

Hi chookie,
Not sure about the choice of shrub..? Melaleuca armillaris can grow to 5m high and as much wide... Growing up on a farm we had them along a drive where they formed a dense bushy hedge (great for playing in though!).

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey lovely,

Wow! You are making huuuuge progress! That's a lot of planting!

And I love those shadows too - the sun creates such lovely light, doesn't it. I miss it hear in winter.


Garry Allen said...

Where did you get the plants from? I dont want to go to Heathcote or Dural