Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Garden

The Echium looks wonderful, but I need to find out how to care for it after flowering.  There seem to be two schools: prune it hard, and prune it lightly.  Oh dear.

Thought it would be fun to try to grow a pineapple.

My passionfruit has started to grow.


kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

mmmmm... passionfruit!

Maybe I will try to grow one, and a lemonade tree. Or just continue to cultivate the agapanthus cause that is the only thing in my garden that I haven't killed.

Red Maple Tree said...

The garden is so beautiful. All the flowers are looking so beautiful.

Karen said...

The callistemon has such a pretty colour.

quu said...

What a great plants. New to me. :) And I guess those would be great "annuals" or houseplants but not hardy in our climate.

Chookie said...

I suppose you can grow clover, quu? And perhaps the sweet peas? The rest would definitely not grow for you!

Anita Devi said...

Hi Chookie, Nice gardens, Wondering if you have any Ixia viridiflora Spare Bulbs. MY friend is in Sydney and can pick or you can send to them. I will ask them to pay cost. my email here in NZ is anitaandvim@woosh.co.nz
many thanks

elderly emergency button said...

Nice garden and beautiful flowers ... I just can imagine myself sitting there with a book and enjoying my retirement !