Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Study in Bronze and Green

There is a little green house not far from mine. It's a typical Sydney double-fronted weatherboard, with the main bedroom at the front (under a gable) and a small bullnose verandah, and small coloured glass panels in the front windows. Such small late-Federation weatherboard houses can be found all across Sydney.

The roof is corrugated Colorbond -- no doubt replacing the original corrugated iron -- in Woodland Grey (a green with a bronze undertone). On the verandah, the sheets are alternated with a paler green that is very similar to the external wall colour. This is a pale green, but not the usual apple green: more like a sage, with a faintly gold undertone.

I don't like yellow-greens, in general. It took me quite a long time to truly see the house and its gardens, and recognise the restful colour scheme. Here are some of the plantings in the small front yard:
  • Wisteria up the verandah post
  • Heavenly bamboo
  • Creamy-white roses (not Icebergs, which are a clear white)
  • Peace rose
  • Diosma
  • Variegated ivy 'Glacier'
Bronze-greens, sage-greens, cream, maroon, and a little peach, pink and lilac. Just delightful.

Unfortunately, I can't give you a photo. The new owners didn't see what the previous owner saw, and the cream and Peace roses have been replaced with Icebergs (still with tags). They tried poisoning the wisteria, too, but that had the usual success of such attempts. I wish them joy of all the suckers it's producing.

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