Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Mishap -- To Me!

I was driving home from work on Tuesday when I was involved in an accident. I stopped at a roundabout, but unfortunately, the woman behind me didn't. There was a nasty noise from the boot, I said "Whoo!" as the air rushed out of my lungs, and then I sat up to find that I was out at least half a car-length into the roundabout. I suspect that she either didn't hit the brake at all or she hit the accelerator instead -- none of the cars with right of way had moved, so they must have seen it coming.

I am not seriously injured. I have sore neck and back muscles and am having physiotherapy, but as my head didn't snap back, I have escaped true whiplash. Nonetheless, a plethora of doctor's and physiotherapist's appointments has cut heavily into my gardening time this week, as has the increased need for rest and the absence of the family car.

It's been a bit hot to garden much this week, anyway. Our tops have been around 30-32 C but the humidity has been at the streaming-with-perspiration level; most unpleasant. After a huge thunderstorm on Thursday evening, it's been a lot cooler and cloudier. I've now hit the stage where I can think about gardening again, but I will have to be careful not to overdo it as my muscles return to normal.

I hope that you've had a better week than I've had!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your accident Chookie. I hope you are feeling more yourself soon!
My one bush of heritage tiny tomatoes (can't recall the name) has produced waaayy too many tommies for me. My cucumbers were a waste of planting time. My zucchinis are hit and miss. Sadly we hardly got any apricots or nectarines as the wet/hot weather just as they were ripening made them rot on the tree before they got picked. Even the birds missed out.
What's producing up there at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel much better soon!

Chookie said...

Oh, dear, how terrible to see stone fruit rot! I'm not with you on the idea of "too many" tomatoes -- is that possible?

I'll post about my recent harvests later this week, if you like.