Monday, February 18, 2008

Ghastly Moments in Gardening II and III

Alas, I have had two Ghastly Moments in the past week. Someone tell me that I'm not the only one that has them!

Ghastly Moment II

Penny the chook knows that food comes from our house. She is also quite happy to walk in and ask for it. And our back door flies open easily.

The rest of us were in various part of the house, and the first we heard was the sound of a chicken fluttering. When we came into the kitchen, there was Penny at the table, as if she'd come for dinner! So of course I caught her to take her out. Now the usual way you hold a chook is around the body, holding the wings so they don't flap. I thought I had a good grip on her as I swung past the table to take her out, but then I thought I saw something moving on her feathers. I turned her sideways to get a better look and she got a wing free.

Flap--snap. Her wing hit my arm at an odd angle, and the top bone shattered. I feel sick just remembering the noise.

On the bright side, she's holding it fairly normally, and the vet thinks that she will be OK although she probably won't be able to fly properly. That isn't a huge problem for a back yard chook; flying means "goes over fences and meets a dog" in suburbia.

Ghastly Moment III

It was a large family, but a happy one. The children looked clean and well-fed, though the parents were absent when we looked into their house. The house was much tidier than mine: not a speck of dirt to be seen. Those sweet little children played with each other happily as we watched. And I realised I had to kill them.

I thought drowning was the kindest method as it's quick. They were climbing over each other's plump little bodies one minute, and next they were trying vainly to climb out of the water --- a horrid symmetry. It took five minutes at most. I still feel guilty, ending the lives of a dozen sweet babies. But what else can you do when you find a rat's nest?


lightening said...

Poor chookie but never mind, these things happen. :(

*shudder* I sure am glad we don't have rats around these parts. Was bad enough when I spotted a mouse scampering around my garden the other day.

Anonymous said...

Oh ick. Truly ghastly.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

I noticed you have ABA on your sidebar. Are you a counsellor? I was one for five years.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I didn't know what a chook is..
With the help from Google:

The word is chook which is slang for a chicken. (Australian)
What an interesting story,
cheers from Canada

Chookie said...

Console yourself, Lightening, perhaps it was an antechinus?

Kate, I am a Community Educator for ABA... once I get that recertification paperwork done. Where did I put it?

Hi Gisela, yes, chook is most likely from "chuck", a Scots word for a chicken. Hope you are enjoying spring!