Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Wattle is Out

We're so laconic, we Aussies. An entire tree turns to radiant yellow and we merely say, "The wattle is out." At once bold and delicate, the flowers lift the heart in the chilly season, when exotic plants are fading or sleeping.

Here is a spray from one of my Fringe Wattles (Acacia fimbriata). Each wattle-ball is about 4mm across when fully open. The little closed fists of the unopened flowers add to the charm, I think. It has a sweet pollen-scent which comes in gentle breaths right to my back door, and has been for a week or so. Now imagine the tree -- a couple of metres high and 4m wide -- and you will understand the effect of such a sight in wintertime.

I have three species of wattle in my garden: Fringe Wattle, Sydney Golden Wattle, and Parramatta Wattle. Two plants of each. Yes, you'll see photos of the others shortly!


Anonymous said...

We don't have any Acacias at our place as they tend to make me wheeze, but they do put on a lovely show in winter don't they?
I usually have to content myself with Grevillea flowers in winter, but its been such a mild winter here that both my "Eucalyptus" Summer Red and Summer Beauty have flowered.

Anonymous said...

I love you writing babe. You make them sound heavenly.

Not the horrible messy pain in my bottom the one in my yard is :)

stoneware70 said...

The word Wattle sends shivers down my spine. Maybe thats a bit over dramatic:-), but its a tree that forms dense colonies here in South Africa where little else grows under. It's hard to admit to myself that the flowers are quite pretty. Perspective is an interesting thing. Acacia mearnsii is a particular problem.

stoneware70 said...

Nice photo, by the way...