Monday, June 30, 2008


Our first frost was crunching underfoot this morning.

Sydney only gets light frosts, but they don't usually arrive in June! Of course, it is only just June. July is usually our coldest month, and we normally would only see frost on the ground -- yes, just on the ground -- half a dozen times a year at most. We'll have to see how many frosts we get this year, but it touched some of the lettuces in yesterday's photo... Normally the vegie beds are too high or too sheltered to get frost, so I am a bit worried!


Anonymous said...

Gosh - a frost!
Here in Melbourne we've had remarkably mild nights (hovering around 10 degrees or so most of the night) and I keep waiting for the frosty mornings. Maybe soon then.

Chookie said...

Not if those high winds continue!

I should have said that one of the reasons we don't get many frosts in Sydney is because winter is dry and often windy. Enjoy your frosts -- if that's the right thing to say!

Anonymous said...

Living in Durban, frost is not something I really have to worry about:-)
But in the Cape and inland, Winter seems like its beginning to settle in too...