Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Gardening Again This Week

The ground has probably dried out enough to garden, but I haven't been able to do anything this week. Nor has the Geek been able to mow, and I am afraid we're going to get a letter from the Council about keeping our property Looking Nice!

Friday night -- a 40th party
Saturday -- an 80th party
Today -- visiting my Mum and having a swim

Gosh, it's a hard life...

In other news, I've been speaking to our architect. More later!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the letter from the council... I always threaten my hubby with that bacuase of teh amount of hoarded *junk* he stores in the backyard.

Jamie said...

I know about the 'letter from the council' thing, too. Every second year my dad received a 'letter from the council' telling him to cut back the oleanders so they no longer blocked the footpath in leafy Lane Cove. He obediently did so, hoping to kill the oleanders with a really vicious pruning job each time. Sure enough, the tough old oleanders bounced back beautifully every time.

From a family of non-gardeners, this is close to the only gardening experience of my childhood, apart from watering the garden, which I liked doing.

I hope the council leaves you alone, and summer is lazy, as it should be.