Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simply a List of Seeds

I have found I don't need to buy any seeds for winter crops; I seem to have everything! So here's my complete list. Most have come from the Digger's Club.

  • Bush Beans: 'Yin Yang'*, 'Green Stringless',and 'Stringless Pioneer'
  • Beetroot 'Globe Free' and Heirloom Mix
  • Broad Beans 'Aquadulce'
  • Broccoli 'Romanesco'
  • Cabbage 'Mini'
  • Capsicum 'Mini Sweet' mix
  • Carrot 'Mini Round'
  • Celery (collected here)
  • Coriander, Chervil, Dill, Rocket
  • Cucumber 'Mini White', 'Lebanese Mini Muncher' and 'Lemon'
  • Eggplant 'Listada de Gandia' and Heirloom mix
  • Florence Fennel
  • Ground Cherry 'Aunt Molly'
  • Kale 'Tuscan Black'
  • Kohlrabi
  • Leek 'Elephant' and 'King Richard'
  • Lettuce 'Flame', 'Yellow Leaf' and 'Forellenschuss'
  • Onion 'Borrettana'
  • Pak Choy 'Red F1' and green type
  • Parsnip 'Hollow Crown'
  • Pea 'Snow Climbing', 'Purple Podded Dutch' and 'Greenfeast'
  • Pumpkin 'Queensland Blue'
  • Radish 'French Breakfast' and 'Easter Egg'
  • Silverbeet 'Five Colour'
  • Spring Onion 'Evergreen ' and 'Red'
  • Sweet Corn 'Golden Bantam'
  • Tomato 'Broad Ripple Yellow Currant', Tommy Toe', 'Principe Borghese' and 'Brandywine
  • Watermelon 'Golden Midget'
When did I find time to do this? It's been raining, so I haven't been in the garden. Summer rain in Sydney can have a tropical intensity. We've had over 150mm since Tuesday, which is one-and-a-half times the monthly average... and it's only the 7th!

* Alas, the packet is marked 'Ying Yang', which in Australia, at least, means something different.


greenfumb said...

Does it? I daren't ask what exactly!!

Jamie said...

Good selection there, Chookie. Now I feel guilty! If, like you, I had bothered to do a stocktake of seeds I already owned, I would not really have needed to buy any more seeds this year, or probably even next year. And yet I've gone and ordered more seeds, just because they seemed appealing when shopping online.

Unknown said...

Looks like you're going to have fun planting! As always, it's cool to remember that as we lurch towards spring, you're heading towards autumn. But even at the best of times, your winter isn't obnoxious like ours. May I offer you a snowdrift or two? We have plenty to spare, and don't mind sharing. Really. :-)

Chookie said...

Greenfumb, it's what my mother calls the 'back passage'. Sorry!

Jamie, there's a lot to be said for seed stocktake. Nothing worse than discovering that you only have three seeds left of a favourite variety! I fully understand the romance of the seed catalogues, though!

Jodi, I think the Winter Olympics people might be in touch with you soon. Yes, I'd love a snowdrift or two, especially with our incredibly humid days at the moment. But I don't think they'd last long...