Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend Scenery

As usual, we went to Katoomba Easter Convention, up in the Blue Mountains, for the long weekend. I think it's astonishing that we have such wonderful scenery so close to home (it's about 100 km from our place). The Geek took these photos at Govett's Leap. 'Leap' is the Scottish word for waterfall -- the story that Govett leapt to his death here is a myth. He was the surveyor, and an artist.

View down the Grose Valley to Mount Hay, about 9km away

We couldn't do much in the way of bushwalking over the weekend as the Sprig had croup, but we did manage the 1.5 km return trip from Govett's Leap Lookout to Bridal Veil Falls. You get to cross the creek at the top of the falls.

Now I know where the idea for wet-edge pools came from.

Wind gives the bridal veil effect to the falls while the water drops about 165m (537"). You can hear rapids under the tree canopy as it tumbles to join the Grose River lower down; the gorge is about 600m deep.

The walk to the falls is pleasant, but includes lots of steps down... which of course means you need to walk up them afterwards. The kids found the return trip hard going and my legs were very stiff the next day! I hate to think how hard it would be to climb up from the floor of the valley, but the bushwalks to the Blue Gum Forest in the valley are quite popular. One day walk (Perry's Lookdown to Evans Lookout) requires five hours to cover 10km (6mi). I don't know how much of that walk is straight up -- or down!


Jamie said...

One of my favourite spots, Chookie. Last time I was at Bridal Veil falls the water flow was weak, the wind was very strong and the water was actually being blown back up to the cliff edge. Hadn't seen that before!

But almost every time I make it to the Blue Mountains, I head for Govett's Leap. (And I didn't know about the meaning of leap, either - thanks for that).

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Anonymous said...

One of my favourite places in the world. The Blue Mountains are just so beautiful :)
G and I spent a week there during the 1995 Easter break ... beautiful memories ... thanks :)