Sunday, April 25, 2010

Portrait of Autumn

It's my favourite time of year for gardening, so felt a sudden need to buy a few things at Bunnings on Friday. Today I set up a terracotta pot combining Aloe vera and Dichondra argentea. I've admired this Dichondra for some time on Digging and now have it in a combination which I'm happy with. It will live in a sunny spot under our carport roof.

Then I decided to plant my 'Nelly Kelly' blueberry in a big self-watering pot, which had been holding tomato stakes for a while. There was a lot of leaf litter in the bottom of the pot (and perhaps redbacks), so I tipped the pot sideways to clear it. Next thing, something had leapt out of the water reservoir! The frog then sat still in an I'm-not-here fashion, so my children were able to have a look at it too. Given its size, I think it might be a Pobblebonk, rather than the Common Eastern Froglet or Brown Toadlet. I made sure I replaced the pot in roughly the same spot and am hoping that Jeremy Fisher returns to his home. I am also hoping that 'Milkmaid' nasturtiums grow true to type as I've put some seedlings from last year's plants around the blueberry.

Tomorrow, I'm moving my strawberries into the vegie patch and planting the empty trough with sage and thyme. It occurred to me that these plants would probably do better in a cactus mix, so we'll see if that improves their lifespan. I'm good at killing thyme and sage, alas. Then there are a few other vegetable seedlings to transplant, carrots for the Sprig to sow, and a bathroom to paint...


Pam/Digging said...

I hope the Dichondra does well for you, Chookie. I really love it for part-shade xeric containers here in Austin, Texas. Happy Autumn--it's one of my favorite times of year to garden also.

Chookie said...

I hope your spring is as gardening-mad as my autumn, Pam!