Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another List of Gardening Activities

One day, my horrible garden sheds will be demolished, which means that the contents have to go somewhere else.

Have you ever looked at your garden shed and contemplated having to pack it? It occurred to me that disintegrating bags of lime and blood-and-bone are not packable, so I did something radical on the weekend... I used them up! The lime went on my vegetable patch and the native plants got the blood-and-bone -- it's their favourite fertiliser.

The Geek and I put up some more pea-netting and the Sprig helped me plant 'Purple Podded Dutch' peas under it. I'm still deciding where to plant the snow peas, as I never have much luck with them.

The new pea-netting used to hang at the back of our house, where I had a small brick-edged garden bed and a 'Nelly Kelly' grafted passionfruit. Now I don't know if this happens with all of them, but the stock suckered unstoppably and inevitably the graft died off. The stock has been going strong for years (still suckering madly), but it doesn't produce edible passionfruit. The same thing happened to Dad's 'Nelly Kelly', so I won't buy one again unless someone gives me a very good reason. But with the wall slated to become an interior wall, there was no reason to waste my netting on an ugly stock any more, was there? And those bricks could be reused, so out they came. The boys had a lovely afternoon building with them.

My cut finger has prevented me from planting up punnets for a couple of weeks, so I turned to that next. I had to plant out a few beetroots and cabbages, and found that the bed was full of volunteer lettuce and bok choy seedlings -- which is great, seeing as I have missed out on planting those things recently!

Seeds planted:
  • Beetroot 'Globe Free' and Heirloom Mix
  • Cabbage 'Mini'
  • Florence Fennel
  • Kale 'Tuscan Black'
  • Leek 'King Richard'
  • Lettuce 'Yellow Leaf' and 'Forellenschuss'
  • Onion 'Borrettana'
  • Pak Choy 'Red F1'
  • Silverbeet 'Five Colour'
  • Spring Onion 'Evergreen'
The one thing we didn't get to was building a teepee out of the pruned branches you see at the top of the post. Next week...

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Garry Allen said...

We planted a grafted banana passionfruit on the southern fence. The rootstock does send out suckers that I irregularly pull out≥ I pruned it back hard last year and this year we are having a bumper crop. The rain this year has helped since I am way too lazy to water anything