Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Are Go for Launch

We have talked to the nice man from the bank, and he was happy to lend us more money. We've signed a contract with Louie, our builder, and he is hoping to start work in a fortnight or so. The last step is looking for interim accommodation. I had hoped to live in during some of the work, but there is going to be a great deal of dust (some of it with lead, given the age of the house) and some asbestos Fibro removal. However, the house next door has fallen vacant and we were able to put a deposit down, so we are hoping that the landlord approves us.

After years of dreaming and planning, it is amazing that in the course of a Saturday, everything could change so quickly!


Liz said...

That is super news! Hope it all goes well.

Chookie said...

So do I, Liz!

Anonymous said...

So exciting!

And yeah, be careful of that asbestos. Hubby used to remove the nasty stuff from public hospitals - not something you want to mess around with.