Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Couple of Days with an Excavator

The Sprig was pretty happy when the little excavator turned up.

But it had a couple of big jobs to do. The first was to dig up my friend the Hoistus hilli, for later transplantation.

The second was to dig a retention pit, for drainage of surface water from our new driveway and patio. Our block slopes away from the road, so there is nowhere for it to go except the back yard (there will be a charge system to deliver rain from the roof to the stormwater drains).

The pit is at least a metre deep and 1.5 wide, and about 7m long. Note the heavy clay subsoil.

Here is a shot of the retention arrangement in progress. It had to be certified by our engineer. I shall now await his bill.

The big wattle tree (and some smaller shrubs) for years hid the ugliness of our two sheds. Here they are again, naked to the world.

And here is a shot of spoil from our Heffalump Trap, new pipes, and a whole lot of rubbish on a trailer. The rubbish is the Ugly Fibro Shed, and the Ugly Fibro Lean-To, which used to hold a gas hot water system at the back of our laundry. Good riddance!


Jamie said...

Your boys are always going to remember these days, Chookie. And I love a good backyard reno. Rip it all out, start from scratch. It'll look wonderful in the end.

Anonymous said...


We aren't far off building the monster deck (so dubbed by Mr 6) which forms part of our solution to the drainage problem we have. I can't wait to see the final plans :)

Chookie said...

Jamie, my husband was commenting about all the good work that had just disappeared... but I only lost a bit of amended soil to the giant retention pit.

Amanda, it will be lovely to see your monster deck. How many monsters does Mr 6 want on it?

Anonymous said...

It's all happening at your place!

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