Wednesday, March 2, 2011


By the time we left for school yesterday morning, the door-frames had vanished from our laundry and box-room.

And they'd begun demolishing the inside walls.

All that's left in our laundry is the old cupboard, an original. Curved corners were in fashion in 1946; we have a curved corner in our lounge room which unfortunately will disappear with our renovation.

The wall which hemmed in my kitchen disappeared. (It's not my bread. One of the builders must have had a sanger for lunch.)

Goodbye ugly grey-blue kitchen! On the other hand, having a builder bowl up on a Monday morning and ask, "Could you empty your kitchen today? We'd like to demolish it tomorrow," is a shock. Both the Geek and I work a full day on Mondays. Following it up with multiple trips between homes till late at night is not the best way to spend an evening. And we were profoundly grateful that my boss lent me a trolley from work. Kitchens hold an amazing amount of stuff, and now it's gradually being moved into place in our rental kitchen.

Today, demolition moved to the outside. The wall between the kitchen and box-room is gone, along with the back porch. So is all the fibro: the laundry ceiling and soffits. Fibro of this age contains asbestos, and is now classed as a hazardous material. Half the back wall of the kitchen remains, because it will form part of a waist-high wall between kitchen and family room.

Our house is double brick, where the weight of the roof is borne by the house's external walls. With this section of wall gone, the roof needed shoring up.

In the meantime, I'd better do something about the state of our current house...


Lynda said...

So exciting. I love looking at photos of renovations. I am looking forward to seeing your new house take shape.

Anonymous said...

So exciting.
I love all the pics - keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting! I bet it will get harder not to be impatient as you watch it all start to take shape

Rock rose said...

Oh my goodness- I hope it isn't the rainy season. Still it looks as though they are getting on with the job and you will be walled in a gain before. It's always exciting to see a project grow-look forward to the updates.

Chookie said...

Actually it might well be a rainy autumn, Lancashire Rose -- we are in a La Nina. And none of you can be as excited as me about this!