Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pouring the Slabs

There is nothing more fun than watching a concrete mixer being unloaded!

The mixer is dropping its load into the hopper of a concrete pump, and the pipe runs down our driveway to these guys:

They were pouring the slab for a future herb bed. Love the use of a whipper-snipper motor on the concrete poker (for getting the air bubbles out). The wizard's staff in the background is for use with a laser leveller.

The bolt cutters are for cutting the reo, then there is a trowel machine and the last item is a bullfloat (I believe).

It looked like this when they had finished: the slabs had been laid for the garden bed (foreground), garage (at left) and a special coloured slab for our family room.

But over the weekend, it's been raining. I love the reflections here.

Here's our Honey Mustard slab. The aggregate is 10mm river stone -- quartz and some other stones in white, yellows and browns. You'll see it later!

We worked out a new method of ingress when we were told the concreters were coming.

It's important to be able to feed the chooks!

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Lynda said...

So exciting. I am enjoying your updates. Keeping the slab wet is an important part of curing a concrete slab, so rain is good. I had to get out at 6 each morning before work to water our slab. Rain would have been much easier.