Friday, March 18, 2011

There has to be Pink Spray Paint

I suppose pink does show up rather well when you are using an excavator.

This week we have had the trenches dug for the foundations. The pile of fine gravel was shovelled over each of the areas to be concreted, and the trenches were sprayed with pesticide.

The next time we looked, the formwork was down, along with the plastic, which is a moisture and termite barrier. I assume the gravel was to prevent punctures, much as one beds an above-ground swimming-pool on sand. The construction seems to fill the back yard!

Over the plastic goes the reinforcing mesh, or as it's called in Australia, "reo".

We learnt a new word. The mesh is held at the correct height with these little plastic chairs.

And it's exciting to look at our future family room!


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

How brave, you are having the builders in. Hope your new kitchen will be all that you wish for. Had the builders in a few years ago myself and it can be nerve wrecking but worth it in the end.

BTW I have chooks now, Australorps. Named them Kylie, Skippy and Possum. For obvious reasons. ;-)

Garry Allen said...

No polystyrene formwork? The plastic is primarily a moisture barrier. There should be a termite barrier on top of the concrete pour at the base of the wall

Chookie said...

I think that's the blue stuff in the last picture, Garry, but I'll check. Our builder complained that the Council inspector insisted on something that made a small break in the barrier, so I know there is one.