Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Garden Update

It hasn't been a good summer for a gardener, and I'm a bit disheartened at the dreadful state of my garden (not helped by a number of family crises which reduced my gardening and blogging time considerably!). Here's a quick tour.

These are some of the few tomato flowers I've seen, on a "Broad Ripple Yellow Currant" that I planted in January. In November I planted "Brandywine" tomatoes and now there are two large but green fruits on one plant. That is all.

I've had a few cucumbers, but not anywhere near the number I expected. Hoping there are some still to come.

The frequent rain has kept my banana suckers happy, though!

The chicky-babes have grown up a lot. This was how they looked in mid-March, at a month old.

Ages ago I planted some Swamp Foxtail grass down the back of my garden, but it was overshadowed by a grevillea. Now the grevillea is senescent, we can finally see the grass which marks the end of the bed.

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