Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After the Rain

I popped into Bunnings the other day and grabbed a few little things to add to my garden:

Then it started to rain, which stopped me from planting them. By this morning we had an ankle-deep pond in the back yard, but the rain is still pouring down. I'm thinking about an ark.

There were a few moments of sunshine, however, so out I went to see what I could see.

Mysteriously, the tomatoes are starting to flower. In April!

I hope I get better results than I did with this Brandywine. Ugh!


Lanie at Edible Urban Garden said...

Beautiful photos. This Sydney weather is incredible, isn't it??? It is still pouring here in Rozelle too.

Jamie said...

The number of times I've rushed outside with a camera after rain... lovely time to be out there in the garden! Nice photos, Chookie.

Matter of fact, rain can be a nice time to go bushwalking, too, but not quite the amount of rain we're getting right now! I'm a bit more of a bushwalk after showers type. Lanie's right, this rain is incredible.

Chookie said...

At least we've had a few days of Proper Autumn this week!

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