Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bit of a Catch-Up

April was a busy month, as you can probably tell by the absence of posts!

We went to Katoomba Easter Convention, as usual, and took the boys on a short bushwalk near Katoomba Falls on Good Friday, and out to Pulpit Rock at Blackheath on Easter Sunday. When we told the boys that we'd be going home the next day, they both cried. The Twig and the Sprig don't garden much, but they love bushwalking.

At the end of the school holidays we went to Stanwell Tops for a day with the Cumberland Unichurch houseparty. In the afternoon, we went for... a little bushwalk!

Back in the back yard, Annie began to lay eggs last week. Here are some of her eggs (she is laying daily) with a 55g egg for comparison. Her eggs weigh about 45g. The boys had some for tea this evening and assure me that they are delicious.

Then one morning I found Clarabel dead in the chook dome, with no signs of injury or ill health. Within the week, we had also lost Millie the guinea pig to a longstanding tumour. The Sprig just accepts these things without much distress, but the Twig was heartbroken at two deaths so close together.

Yesterday, we bought a friend for Lilac. Dandelion was the nerviest guinea pig in the shop. She jumps a mile at any sound, hates being picked up and is generally difficult... When she is calmer, I'll post her photo.

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Amanda said...

We got new chicky babes from K's school - they'd gotten a pair of day olds before Easter but the teacher rang me at lunchtime one day and insisted I come and take them away because 1 had a "broken leg" ... which after a few minutes of careful observation I realised was just the little thing sunning itself!
Anyway remind me how long it takes for them to start laying? I recall something like 20 weeks but I think our original girls took more like 6 months.
...and we are almost at the point of having to buy eggs - my 3 older girls haven't fully recovered from moulting and the teenagers are only about 7 weeks old.