Saturday, May 30, 2009


I photographed this gossamer earlier this month. It was about 4cm across, about as large as they get. These little webs are seasonal and I have no idea what animal creates them.

It has been raining. And any time it stops and my heavy soil starts to dry out, it rains again. Now I wouldn't have a problem with this, except that I can't plant anything! Though I did manage to put a few of my native plants in before the rain started, as well as a Salvia 'Black Knight'.

There are plenty of vegies to go in, but in particular, I'm itching to try peas again. Mine seem to be eaten by microscopic creatures before they can germinate, and this time I was going to sprinkle dolomite in the trench before planting. Peas -- theoretically -- are an easy vegetable crop. You plant them, water them in (or plant them just before rain), give them a week's sun, and up they come. Except here, where nothing comes up!

One of my happiest garden memories is of racing down to my Dad's vegetable patch with my sister to devour peas straight off the plant. I'm not sure that we ever cooked fresh peas; if we had enough, there'd be a plate of pods on the table to shell and eat raw as part of lunch. My children haven't had that experience yet... perhaps this year? When the rain stops?


Unknown said...

We are at the end of our second week of rain.......sigh.

lyrebird said...

love your blog.
struggling to grow as much as i can in marrickville with pebblecrete and a pool (landlady is Greek!), but it's amazing how well things do in polystyrene boxes. the rabbit is a problem too. she is free-range and so sweet (perhaps you could consider a rabbit next time one of your guinea pigs shuffles off, as they are much more affectionate and way less nervy!). so vegies are fenced off. we hope our property comes through and we will have 40 acres to cultivate eventually. bliss and hard work. cheers, kate