Monday, May 31, 2010

Annie's Laying!

I really was wondering if Annie would ever lay again, having stopped for her annual moult about six weeks ago. In her first season, she often laid soft-shelled eggs, indicating a problem with her ability to form them. (It is also a sign of calcium deficiency, but with scratch mix always available and Lizzie's eggs always fine, I knew this was not our problem.) Lizzie has been laying daily for the last two weeks; before that, every second day for about a fortnight. On Friday, however, we found this:

Annie lays long chalk-white eggs that are noticeably smaller than Lizzie's. She has laid two so far, with a rest-day in between. I'm hoping that another egg will appear tomorrow.

I bought organic eggs during the moult, but I have to tell you that they still aren't as nice as a fresh, home-grown egg, even though the yolk is a better colour than you get with battery eggs.


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I miss the eggs from my parents hens.

They really DO taste better and OMG how good do they make a butter cake look?!

Chookie said...

Oh yes, and having psychedelic scrambled eggs is SO good!

Anonymous said...

My two young girls haven't stopped laying yet.... and of the old girls, only 1 has moulted but they are so lazy they'll probably only lay another few eggs this year and think themselves done (they've never laid terribly well).
...and when I gave a neighbour a dozen eggs for helping out with something, she told me she had to throw them out because the yolks were a funny colour! (they were the yellow-orange of proper free-range eggs!)