Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day, 15 October

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Is there somewhere you could plant a tree? Your nature strip, your front yard, your back yard? It's a proven way to sequester carbon; a much better option than digging big holes in the ground and pumping CO2 in. Yes, John Howard, I'm looking at you!

Do you have somewhere to plant some vegetables? It might be a single pot of parsley on your window-sill. It might be a few troughs on a verandah. Or perhaps you have some unused garden bed that is crying out for strawberries or bush beans. Or you could turn your whole back yard into a permaculture food forest, if you like.

Could you do with an indoor plant to purify your air? Even one plant will sequester an astonishing quantity of the nasty chemicals that outgas from our new lounge suites and carpets.

Perhaps you feel you can only manage a small thing. That is fine. Just do that one small thing. Do it today. Do it, and change the world one small step at a time.


lightening said...

Great suggestions Chookie. Nice and simple and can make a HUGE impact if everyone did them.

I'm thinking of growing an aloe vera plant inside. Not sure how well it will go but I read somewhere that they're great for cleaning impurities out of the air.

Chookie said...

Any plant indoors will improve air quality. For your aloe vera, use a cactus potting mix because they need sharp drainage. Give it time outside in the sun if it starts looking unwell. Aloe vera juice is great on scratches and minor burns as it seems to promote healing.