Friday, October 12, 2007

First Picture Posted

Here is The Sprig on the Children's Lawn at Merry Garth garden, Mount Wilson, with his Teddy. The photo was taken by the Geek.

We were up at Merry Garth in early September for their early spring flowers--crab-apple and fritillaries and daffodils--too early for the wisterias. The camellias were in abundance. After travelling through the subtle colours of the bush, it was rather a shock to face a four-metre camellia completely covered by its Barbie-pink flowers, each the size of a dinner-plate! I think I've lost the taste for flamboyant display since I've become interested in native plants.

Merry Garth is lovely. It has a very 'English' feel, with its lawns and rockery, but there's a little patch of temperate rainforest too, now a mixture of natives and exotics, particularly rhododendrons and pieris species. It's also a collector's garden, being filled with rarities, some of which the owners propagate and sell. Children (and adults) will enjoy the little paths everywhere. Just give yourselves a couple of hours to enjoy wandering around.

Next time we visit Mount Wilson, we will stay in the area a few days, and view a number of gardens. Travelling 200km there and back in a day is a bit tiring, especially for little boys!

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful looking garden!My garden has a rather English feel to it, until you look closely at the plants! It's mostly the hedges that give it that look, and the grass.

Course, at the moment it still looks a bit out of shape, but we're working on it.