Thursday, October 11, 2007

Garden To-Dos for October

My list has been adapted from the list at Global Gardening this month.
  • Prune back shrubs that have finished flowering.
  • Keep going at the bindii, though it's almost too late now at my place. I'll try boiling water for the next little while.
  • Sow (and plant) more vegies. Sow small numbers of seeds frequently, say every fortnight, for an extended and glut-free harvest.
  • Mulch and mulch and mulch!
  • Make sure you are watering deeply rather than frequently, to encourage deep-rooted plants (assuming that restrictions aren't forcing this upon you).
P.S. Two words for you all: home-grown asparagus!
P.P.S. The Painted Lady sweet peas are still going strong.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from RI, USA - I love that your October to-dos sound like our May! We can vicariously enjoy a-whole-nother season through you. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Hehe cant stand the taste of asparagus, but maybe thats cause i havent eaten homegrown asparagus yet. I promise to eat least try it before making a decision.

however, even if i dont like it to eat, it is always a fantastic crop to grow to fix nutrient insufficencies in the garden, just grow it, chop it all down and mulch it in. Walla garden nutrients better balanced.

Carol Michel said...

Hello from Indiana USA! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I enjoy reading about your growing season beginning as ours ends. I'm all for reciprocal links!

Carol at May Dreams Gardnes

Chookie said...

Hello to the Northern Hemisphere gardeners! I hope that you aren't too jealous as we enter the beans, corn and tomato season while you are heading into winter! I have added your blogs to my links.

Erin, you probably will like fresh asparagus, as long as it's cooked nicely. As a long-lived perennial, asparagus should pick up nutrients from deep in the soil. It doesn't really die down in Sydney, though it is herbaceous in cooler climates. I cut mine down when it starts to turn yellow and chuck it in the mulch, then throw some poo on the empty space. The spears will start to appear in early spring and in Sydney, you can cut them into December.

Happy gardening and happy eating!