Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday is Planting Day

I must first tell you that the 'Rattlesnake' runner beans didn't grow. That bed was turned in and planted with three' Tommy Toe' tomato seedlings, and seeds of Cucumber 'Sweet & Striped', mixed decorative gourds, and some 'Early Summer Crookneck' squash. I hope they'll all be happy to climb the trellis.

In the wheaty bed next to it, I've put:
  • 4 tomato seedlings
  • 2 eggplant seedlings
  • 2 chilli seedlings
  • my single capsicum seedling (in my defence, the packet was out of date!)
  • 'Stringless Dwarf' and 'Italian Romano' beans; the former should bear before the latter
  • sprinklings of rocket, dill and chervil seeds
Across from there is my first planting of 'Golden Bantam' corn and cucumbers ('Spacemaster' and 'Mini White), with bok choy and perilla seedlings tucked in at the eastern end. After I stop the water, I'll throw snail-bait around. I had hoped to become completely organic but it's either snail bait for seedlings, or no vegies.

Ready for harvest:
  • Crimson-flowered broad beans. Not getting these again; they don't germinate well and the pods are half the size of normal ones.
  • Snow peas. At least, I think they're snow peas!
  • Silver beet
  • Beetroot

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