Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flooring Decided

We have finally made all our decisions on flooring.

I wanted polished concrete in the family room for a number of reasons:
  • the slab is thermal mass for the house and covering it with another layer would insulate it from the sun
  • polished concrete requires no maintenance
  • it will link visually with the concrete patio just outside
My concrete will not be given a really high-gloss finish, lest the room feel like a shopping centre. I'll have a satin gloss. The concrete is coloured Honey Mustard and contains Nepean River Gravel, which includes white, yellow and red quartz. We've asked for the slab outside to be sprayed a similar colour.

Up the steps and into the kitchen and entrance we will have Marmoleum Real in 'Tan Pink':

As you can imagine, this is a related colour.

The study, bedrooms and hall will be given a woollen carpet: Channing in 'Tunic'. This wollen carpet is a textured cut-and-loop with tiny deep blue squares on a greyed caramel background. It looks good with all our paint chips, and the blue-grey element is picked up in the Marmoleum.

We're just having plain white tiles in the laundry/toilet, which will go well with the mint-green walls.

Of course, we'll have to move our boxes out for the carpet to go in. I'm not looking forward to that!

UPDATE: According to Green magazine's article in this month's edition, we have made good choices.


Unknown said...

look forward to seeing it down! thank you for dropping by!! susan

Angela said...

Wow! You are tackling a huge reno! It is looking great so far, I love your patio area. Good luck with all the work. Thanks for stopping by!

Desire Empire said...

Just wanted to let you know with the Ceasarstone. Make sure it is well checked for faults before it is glued down. I would never use it again but it looks great until it starts to stain and chip.
Best Carolyn

Le said...

thanks for dropping by the third :) love polished concrete - double yum :) le xox

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

That sounds like a great choice...and I bet it's incredibly hard-wearing too.

I love the look of polished concrete. I like the way it can look so glamorous but still feel a bit edgy.

Wow! I LOVE your choices!!


Pamela Gordon said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You look like you're undergoing a major kitchen reno. It's a lot of work and inconvenience but so worth it in the end. I hope you are managing until it is finished. Take care. Blessings, Pamela in Canada

Chookie said...

Thank you for all your good wishes! I am really enjoying myself, and it's lovely to see it coming together.