Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soon I Will Have a Kitchen!

It's at least six weeks away, and it will be a while before we move back in, but still... Soon I will have a kitchen!

image courtesy Greener Kitchens

I love the fancy refrigerator that the computer program has given me! Mine is white and considerably more modest. (The splashback won't be those trendy tiles either.) Now, remember my old kitchen?

Just in case you've forgotten. See the spot where the builder's fridge and the four drawers are stacked up? That was my food preparation area, next to the stove. The equivalent area at the other end of the kitchen held the microwave, canisters and fruit platter.

It only occurred to me recently that when the kitchen (the room) was built, Aussies still had rationing, so the lack of room wouldn't have been so painful. I also believe that the original kitchen was considerably better planned than this, its replacement. It would only have had 45cm deep base cabinets, so there would have been a slightly longer (if shallower) run of bench.

The cabinet doors will be made of recycled timbers in reddish shades, with "character" -- that is, old nail holes and the like. And to think people artificially distress their furniture... The carcasses are going to be marine ply rather than the usual MDF-and-melamine. The standard new Australian kitchen these days costs $10,000 (without appliances) and is guaranteed for only 10 years. When the kitchen is removed, all the cabinetry goes to landfill. Now imagine my city, with its three million households, and the amount of landfill generated by three hundred thousand kitchens every year. What a waste! I am hoping my kitchen will last a fair bit longer. On top, we'll have Caesarstone 'Nougat'. Together, our counters and cabinets will look a bit like this picture.

Remember that I liked green tiles? We considered a green glass splashback, but it is an expensive proposition. Tiling is about a third of the price. I went back to the tile shop where we bought our bathroom tiles, and the lady there asked what other surfaces I was planning to use. As soon as I said "Caesarstone in 'Nougat'," she went straight to a white tile with a fine grey fleck, which will go with it beautifully. I had a look at plain white tiles, but they were too stark after that first 'perfect match'. But there is a green feature tile up my sleeve if we have room to use it.

The flooring will be Marmoleum. That's the trade name for linoleum, that lovely old-fashioned material made largely of natural materials like jute and cork and linseed oil. It's not as cold, hard or environmentally unfriendly as vinyl, nor does it outgas. It's antibacterial, biodegradeable, and lasts at least 30 years.

God willing, this kitchen and I will gently decay together!

Timber cabinetry: recycled mixed reds
Benchtop: Caesarstone 'Nougat'
Splashback: 600x300mm 'Inca' (white with fine grey fleck) ceramic tiles
Painted walls: Dulux 'Clotted Cream'
Floor: Marmoleum (shade to be determined)
Appliances: TBA. We will lean heavily on Choice.

I've joined the Modern Country Style link party to show what I'd love in my kitchen in the future. And it's nearly here! The kitchen man was measuring up last Monday!

Kitchen Favourites


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, that's SO exciting for you! How lucky to be able to start from scratch! I bet it'll look wonderful!!

Thank you so much for linking up to Kitchen Favourites!

Have you considered using the Followers gadget on your sidebar so that people can 'follow' you? I looked for it because I'd love to see how you get on with your kitchen but I couldn't see it!


Travel With Lulu said...

Good luck! I'm so excited for you ;) Can't wait to see the 'after' photos! XOL

Natasha in Oz said...

How exciting! I think your ideas sound great and the white/grey tile will look perfect. I would also love to see the end result. Could you keep me posted about the progress?

Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. It's great to meet you via Sarah....isn't it it funny that 2 aussie bloggers met via and English blogger!

Best wishes and happy weekend,

Anne said...

It sounds gorgeous, esp the weathered wood! Thank you for visiting my butler's pantry... its a tiny project compared to your kitchen, will enjoy seeing how it turns out!

Sherri B. said...

Won't it be great when it's all done. Your old kitchen sounds just like mine at the Little House. I have only two small work areas and if you could see the mess I can make you'd know how...I need alot more room than that!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Have a very nice weekend.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Wow! I can almost envision your new kitchen with you. I think it will all look so great when its finished and can't wait to see it.
thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

take care now, Pat


I am popping over from Sarah's Kitchen Favourites party to see your kitchen. Won't it be fun to cook and eat your first meal in your new space.

You can see my kitchen in my Chicago Vintage apartment. Can you stay for tea?

Glenda (link # 62)

Robynne's Nest said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to seeing your finished're gonna love having a new kitchen!!! Robx
p.s. my sister call me 'Chook' or sometimes 'Chookie'...something to do with the way I run!!

Paul Anater said...

Your kitchen plan looks fantastic. By the way, Brizo saw your comment on my blog today and wants to reach out to you if you're interested.

Chookie said...

I have finally found the Followers gadget for people who like it!

Thank you all for your kind comments -- may all of our renovations be trouble-free!

Ellie said...

Oh, I do envy you of your new kitchen. My kitchen is a messy work of trouble. The cabinets above the sink are very high I need to get a chair in the kitchen every time I need a cup of sugar. Ants are ever present, due to the tile grooves where food stuff tends to stick on, and a just a rag wipe would not clean them off, so I use an old toothbrush every night to clean the wall. I love what you did with the cabinets; they look cool. But I would prefer a tiling design which can be cleaned easily.