Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where do Builders Go When it Rains?

The start of this week saw some of Sydney's worst weather in a long time. When it stopped raining, it started pouring! People had to be rescued from their cars in several suburbs because of flash-flooding, and open ground turned to mud all over Sydney. I didn't expect our builders to turn up, as they plainly couldn't work on the roof in such poor conditions.

But they found a few other things to do. One I didn't realise would come so soon, but the bad weather made it a good time to cut timber under cover. More on that in another post.

It was a surprise to see they'd managed to put in our steps, as this area isn't covered. I suppose they did it between drenchings! They have also covered the beam over our old back wall with the bulkhead (the blue bit).

They also laid the footings for our two rainwater tanks. Hooray!


Liz said...

You must be getting quite excited. It's moving along very well!

Chookie said...

It certainly is!

Jamie said...

It's really good the way you are documenting it here on your blog, too, Chookie. I'm sure it'll be really interesting to see the posts again in a couple of years from now.

Chookie said...

I've started thinking about how to present it properly, Jamie, but I'm not there yet!